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I give it to you, when I read LiveJournal or chanchan camwhore entries I often catch myself thinking: " You fucking attention whores. Can't you just keep your need for attention to yourselves and don't post about it, like everyone else, like me? I hate you, I hate this world, as a kid I never received the healthy amount of attention and loving needed to become a healthy, independent, caring person, but I don't whine about it. I suck it down, like everyone else. Fuck you attention whores. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Fuck you for not being ashamed of obviously and desperately seeking attention online, which is probably though the mentally healthy thing to do."

Now I do it too. It's the healthy thing to do. In a small journal. Compensation for all the years I didn't yap and whine. Compensation for the years I thought that sucking it down and keeping it to yourself is the aristocratic and proud thing to do. I was wrong. I feel relieved when I write. If people reply, good, because I can always use input. If not, fine. I'm human. I need to vent. "Sue me", is what a typical LJ whore would say. Sue me.
9.2.07 09:26

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