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1) How did you end up as a hikikomori?
2) For how long have you been a hikikomori?
3) How severe is your hikikomori condition?
4) How can you afford the hikikomori lifestyle?
5) Why do you continue staying as a hikikomori?
6) If you have successfully escaped your hikikomori lifestyle, what where the events that lead to that?


1) I suddenly (in the course of 2-4 months) stopped talking to class mates when I was 18 and then dropped out eventually. I think one of the because a close school friend of mine dropped out back then. That and generally a somewhat shitty childhood and bad parenting (sexual abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse).
2) 6 years
3) Very severe. I plug out my phones and don't even pick up/read incoming post mail and email. I buy food once every 3 weeks. I rarely eat. I'm skinny, pale. Had to repeat 2 years of high school. Failed 4 college years (2003,04,05,06) consecutively. One or two friends, sometimes I chat with them online. Sometimes I don't interact with them for months. Don't know people other than them. Virgin.
4) Welfare system gives me money. It's just enough to eat & sleep. Furthermore, it's the fact that I have a computer & internet access, which allows me to compensate my social needs with anonymous boards like 4chan. I used to live without computer & internet access for 5 months in 2003, I became a very social person. So PC/internet "enable" this behavior. Ultimatively, I'm the one to blame though.
5) I'm too lazy or too afraid to change myself. I don't know which.
21.1.07 12:07

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